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The Agile Awards 2016 is a global online celebration of Agile achievement

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Most Valued Agile Professional (Rest of World)
Please note that only one vote can be cast per company.
Matthew Heusser
Company: Excelon Development

The Managing Director at Excelon Development and co-author of Save Our Scrum, Matt Heusser is probably best known for his writing - which includes recent articles for on agility, kanban, and site visits at Etsy, Royal Carribean, and Zappos. You can read a partial list of Matt's publications at It was in Save Our Scrum, that Matt co-authored with Markus Gaertner, though, that Matt's work really shines. The central premise of Save Our Scrum is that as Scrum has grown, it has become watered-down - essentially turned into Stories, Sprints, and Standup meetings. The elements of scrum as misinterpreted as command and control; standup meetings become status events, the sprint goal becomes a deathmarch. Launched on Leanpub, Save Our Scrum provides examples of that hard part - helping teams move from command and control to self-organizing. Along the way it provides nuggets from real experience, with actionable advice. The theory part is easy, so Matt and Markus rolled up their sleeves to write something about change management - the hard part. Matt also delivers SOS as a workshop, where the audience proposes ideas and votes, which he has given a half-dozen times. Read reviews of that presentation here ( - Scroll down) Before Save Our Scrum, Matt was the editor for a collection of essays called "How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing"; the contributors to that book have moved on to write their own books, to keynote conferences and serve on boards of non-profits. The Lessons from "How to Reduce" directly contributed to the development of the Lean Software Testing Course. A frequent conference speaker, Matt has historically presented at Non-Agile events about agile software, only recently moving to present at Agile Testing Days (2012+) and the Agile Conference (2013+), where he has been a track chair three times, given four regular presentations plus an invited talk in 2016. A former member of the board of directors of the Association for Software Testing, Matt is the lead instructor of the Lean Software Delivery course, lead organizer for the Workshop on Technical Debt, and 3 time track chair at the Agile Conference. His 2016 conference tutorials include a session on Agile Leadership at Agile Testing Days, on strategy at the KWSQA Conference, and an invited talk on whole team quality at the Agile Conference, the world's largest Agile Software Event.

Carl Shea
Company: Epsilon

I am currently serving as the Senor Director of Agile Transformation and the Coaching Office for Epsilon. I have served for over 30 years in the IT industry as both a technical contributor and a servant leader, this experience has led me to have a strong belief that "management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right things." For me becoming an Agile Coach was most certainly the right thing. I am extremely passionate about both agile, emotional intelligence and organizational evolution. I have served as an agile practitioner for more than 14 years, serving as a ScrumMaster, Team Coach, and Enterprise Agile Coach in my capacity as a transformational agile coach in more than 50 different companies across most of the major industry verticals. I co-led a very large (200K+ employees) consulting company to establish their first Agile COE/Practice, as well as, being the innovator of the trademarked large scale and distributed agile process called Daikibo. My current passions include the merging of Agile, Emotional Intelligence and Organization Evolution. I am currently working on a book related to this subject. As a leader and coach, I have always believed in “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. May I share with you my Agile Coaching Vision and Manifesto as an Agile Coach? It reads as follows: At times, I will be a teacher and mentor sharing my experience; at other times I will be a coach guiding you to clarifying your own experience, not mine. Teaching and mentoring is instructive and necessary; coaching is illuminating and maturing. Both are essential. I view my craft as a focus on encouraging you to think beyond your conscious limitations and to become more courageous in your Agile journey and work-life. I will consciously cheer you on; I will be curious through powerful questions, avoiding direction when I can. I will help you discover and revive your knowledge, values, principles and passions. Our relationship will be designed as an Agile collaborative partnership. I will help you explore what keeps you from realizing maturity in your Agile journey; I will inspire you into action, while holding you accountable. I recognize you are not broken and do not need fixing; my goal is to help you find transparency and discover that you already have what it takes to produce success and accomplishment in work and life. My Manifesto • I value the philosophy of the Agile Manifesto over Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban or any other defined process • I value my Coachee’s need and experience over my need and experience • I value learning something new over adhering to the old • I value practice, experience and competency over training. I am greatly honored and humbled by this nomination. I am literally floored with emotions to know that my mentor, teacher, coach, and most importantly friend, Lyssa Adkins nominated me for this category. To say I am beyond words, is an understatement. The fact that my professional hero, Lyssa, believes so much in me has created a strong desire to re-enforce that everything said above will continue to be my symbol of hope and inspiration. Honestly I cannot lose this vote – as I have already won. Love you all, Agile on!

James Flaherty
Company: Enable Consulting, LLC

Daniel Gulo
Company: Apple Brook Consulting

Here are some of my accomplishments and things I have been working on this year in 2016: March 2016 - Produced event: Scrum Coaching Retreat - San Diego Event promoting and advancing the field of coaching within an Agile context. June 2016 - Podcast Launch: AgileNEXT - The NEXT Generation Agile Talk Show Online talkshow which interviews industry experts, luminaries, and many others about where Agile is headed NEXT??? June 2016 - Entrepreneurial Spirit - The Key Ingredient To Success With Agile Scrum Gathering Bangalore Talk highlighting the fact that EVERYONE should possess an mindset and attitude matching that of an entrepreneur, regardless of who they are in the organization. August 2016 - Book Release: Real World Agility - Practical Guidance for Agile Practitioners “This book gives you the answers that a wise mentor would have give you, if you had one. Daniel Gullo shares his insights on the principal questions that everyone coming to the world of Agile will inevitably encounter." - Steve Denning, author of The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management November 2016 - Veteran Outreach I have developed a plan to help fellow veterans (I was in the US Navy during Desert Storm) take advantage of Agile training so that they may re-acclimate themselves to civilian life and work in the corporate world. The plan will begin execution in November. January 2016 to December 2016 - Ongoing FREE coaching and mentoring to hundreds of my students beyond the classroom and others whom I have met at events, online, etc.

Kathleen Bouldin
Company: Enable Consulting, LLC