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The Agile Awards 2016 is a global online celebration of Agile achievement

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Most Popular Online Contributor
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Peter Sheppard
Company: Siteset Limited

Matthew Heusser
Company: Excelon Development

The Managing Director at Excelon Development and co-author of Save Our Scrum, Matt Heusser is probably best known for his writing - which includes recent articles for on agility, kanban, and site visits at Etsy, Royal Carribean, and Zappos. Matt also writes for, SearchSoftwareQuality, QASymphony, ITKnowledge Exchange, SmartBear Software, and more. Read a partial list of Matt's publications at Through all that writing you see the ideals of the agile manifesto: that individuals, working together, are the most important part of any project, that thinking, in the moment, and the pursuit of technical excellence have a massive contribution to project success. Matt came to the these conclusions not by reading about them, but by serving as a technical contributor on real software projects, beginning in 1996, then earning his Master's degree at night in Computer Information Systems. It was the habit of night school that led to the habit of writing at night that began Matt's writing career. A former member of the board of directors of the Association for Software Testing, Matt is the lead instructor of the Lean Software Delivery course, lead organizer for the Workshop on Technical Debt, and 3 time track chair at the Agile Conference. His 2016 conference tutorials include a session on Agile Leadership at Agile Testing Days, on strategy at the KWSQA Conference, and an invited talk on whole team quality at the Agile Conference, the world's largest Agile Software Event.

Kelly Waters
Company: 101 Ways

Alex Deck
Company: Yoh